• Type Ratings


    Type Rating R22

    Type Rating R44

    Type Rating AS 350/EC 130 ( AS350 B2, AS 350 B3, AS 350 B3 2B1, EC 130 B4)

  • Single Engine Emergency Training

    Helibravo is currently ministrating a single engine emergency training. This training contemplates:

    - Full Down Autorotations

    - Hydraulic Failure

    - Governor Failure

    - Tail rotor control failure/ stuck pedal

    The emergency training is done in different profiles ( on take-off, on approach, low altitude, hover (IGE, OGE) and normal cruise flight)

  • Presentation

    Dear Future Pilot.

    In 1973, after working for 16 years at several American helicopter factories, a young man with a passion for aeronautics, engineer Frank Robinson, founded the “Robinson Helicopter Company”.

    His innovative ideas about the conception and manufacturing of a light, almost personal-use helicopter (a concept, for example, that revolutionized the global industry of computers), resulted in his creation of the Robinson R22 (a light helicopter based on safety, performance and low cost), which began to be produced commercially at the “Robinson Helicopter Company” installations at the end of 1979.

    The success, reputation and safety acquired by the Robinson R22, encouraged the design of the Robinson R44, which made its first flight on March 31, 1990.

    Today, the “Robinson Helicopter Company”, for the eighth consecutive year, is the largest manufacturer of helicopters in the world in units produced.

    The story of Mr. Frank Robinson is similar to that of other men who throughout history, with plenty of hard work, effort, dedication, failures and achievements, were able to make one of humankind\\\\\\\'s greatest ambitions become reality.

    \\\"Flying has always been one of Humankind´s oldest ambitions.\\\"

    Today, that aspiration can become a reality within everyone´s grasp, whether for mere pleasure, or as a future and alluring profession.

    That is the opportunity the Helibravo Flight School offers you through its various courses. The Helibravo Flight School is one of the components of HELIBRAVO Aviação, Lda., a “Robinson Helicopter Company” representative, and it is located at the Cascais Airport in Tires.

    Enroll today and make your dream come true.


    João Maria Bravo


  • Commercial Helicopter Pilot Course


    The objective of the commercial helicopter pilot course (CHP) is to provide future helicopter pilots with the knowledge and experience necessary to guarantee their graduation and preparation in order to exercise the functions of Commercial Helicopter Pilots.


    Minimum age: 18 at the end of the course.
    Health: Medical exam at the National Institute of Civil Aviation. Psychotechnical exams.

    Schooling: At least a High School education, with knowledge in Math, Physics and fluent English.

    Necessary documentation:
    At enrollment, the candidates must bring:

    • secondary school certificate
    • photocopy of identification card or passport
    • 8 photos
    • curriculum vitae.

    Course duration: Course duration will be between 14 and 22 months, depending on the candidat´s skills and weather conditions.

    Practical program (Flight):
    The course´s practical flight program is comprised of 125 flight hours in a Robinson 22 (R22), 45 flight hours in a Robinson 44 (R44) and flights in Simulators.

    Theoretical program:

    The course´s theoretical program is comprised of 550 hours, distributed over presential classes covering every subject area, and through Computer Based Training (CBT) and Internet classes (Distance Learning).These subject areas are: 

    • Principles of aeronautics
    • History of aviation
    • Course aircraft
    • Local procedures
    • English
    • Air legislation
    • General knowledge of aircraft
    • Flight performance and planning
    • Human behavior and limitations
    • Meteorology
    • General navigation
    • Radio navigation
    • Operational procedures
    • Principles of flight
    • Communications.

    The theoretical classes will be given at Helibravo Flight School installations at the Cascais Municipal Airport in Tires.

  • Helicopter Private Pilot License


    The Course of Privet Helicopter Pilot PPLH  aims to give future pilots of helicopters, knowledge and experience which are required, to ensure the training and preparation in order to come to act as a privet pilot for Helicopters.


    Age: 18 Years at the end of the course.

    Medical: Medical Examination at the National Institute of Civil Aviation.(INAC) (Class 2 Medical Certificate).

    Qualifications: Minimum education. 

    Necessary documents:

    Upon entry candidates should submit: 

    • Certificate of Education level 
    • Copy of the identity card or passport 
    • Copy of Fiscal Number 
    • 4 identical passport  photos.

    Course duration: According to the factor of increase expected in the operations manual of the Helibravo Pilot School the course lasts for 6 months.


    Practical program (Flight):

    The program of practical flight of the course consists of 45 hours of flight in Robinson 22 (R22).

    Theoretical program:

    a.The program Theoretical Course consists of classes with instructor presence of each one of the areas of the disciplines that make up the course and, through Computer Based Training (CBT) classes and assisted by Internet (Distance Learning), which consists of the following disciplines :

    • English 
    • Air Legislation 
    • Aircraft General Knowledge 
    • Flight Performance and Planning 
    • Human Behavior and Limitations 
    • Meteorology 
    • General Navigation
    • Radio Navigation
    • Operating procedures
    • Principles of flight
    • Communications
    • Physics 
    • Mathematics

    b. The total hours of the course in this school is of 201 hours of instruction.

    c. The lecture classes will be taught in the classroom from a HELIBRAVO School Guidance, in Aerodrome Municipal de Cascais in Tires, from 9H00 to 12H30 and/or 14H00 to 17H30 and/or 18:30 to 22H30 and the weekend if necessary from 09H00 to 18H00.

    d. Will be distributed to students the following books: 

    • English 
    • Air Legislation 
    • Aircraft General Knowledge 
    • Flight Performance and Planning 
    • Human Behavior and Limitations 
    • Meteorology 
    • General Navigation
    • Radio Navigation
    • Operating procedures 
    • Principles of flight
    • Communications
    • R22 Flight Manual

    Note: During the course of the course will be distributed to the students other reference materials, referent to the disciplines that are taught.

    Material distributed to Students: 

    Computer Based Training (CBT) - The Course
    Folder for Material
    Navigation Calculator
    VFR Navigation chart
    Plotter• Flight Book
    Metallic Clipboard
    Botland Manual Portugal v Spain Airfield

    Material to be acquired by Students:

    Uniform (Flight Suit and V.I.P. Suit)


  • Helicopter Instrument Course


    The Course of instruments in Helicopters (IR) aims to give the pilots of helicopters, knowledge and experience which is required, to ensure the training and preparation in order to come to act as a pilot of helicopters with Flight Qualification to fly accordingly to instrument rules.


    Medical: Valid Medical Certificate

    Qualifications: Either a valid Private Pilot Licence (PPH) or Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL).

    Required Documents:

    Upon Signing in, the applicant should have:

     Medical Certificate
     Owned Licence
     Identity Cardo or Passport Copy
     Fiscal Card / Number Copy
     Document Type Photograph

    Course Length: According to the Instruction Operation Manual, the course is expected to last for 6 months.


    Flight Programme:

    The Flight Programme is constituted by:

     Total of 60 Hrs of flight (HV) in which 50 Hrs will be done in Robinson (R44) and 10 Hrs in Simulator for who don’t have the R44 qualification already.

     Total of 55 Hrs of flight (HV) from which 45 Hrs will be done in Robinson 44 (R44) and 10 Hrs of flight in Simulator for who already have the R44 Qualification.

    Theoretical Courser:

    a.  The Theoretical course is constituted by presential classes with instructor of each one of the subjects that constitute the course, as well as Computer Based Training (CBT) and Internet assisted classes (Distance Learning), being constituted by the following subjects:

     Aeronautical Principles
     Aviation History
     Course Aircraft
     Local Procedures
     Air Law
     Aircraft General Knowledge
     Flight Performance and Planning
     Human Behaviour and Limitations
     General Navigation
     Radio Navigation
     Operational Procedures
     Flight Principles

    b.    There will be a total of 200 Hrs of instruction.

    c.  The Theoretical Course will be given in a classroom in HELIBRAVO Escola de Pilotagem facility, at Aeródromo Municipal de Cascais in Tires, from 18H00 (LT) to 21H30 (LT) and if necessary at the weekends from 09H00 (LT) to 18H00 (LT).

    d.    To the Student will be distributed the following material:

  • Simulator

  • Facilities

  • School Introduction

    School Introduction