About Us

With capital totaling 1,385,000 €, Helibravo – Aviação, Lda. is a Sodarca Group company.

The Bravo family has a long tradition in the transportation sector where it began in 1834 as rigger for 7 ships. Later, in the mid-1960s, it began its activities in aviation, as agents for internationally renowned companies, namely Boeing, Dornier and Bell helicopters.

Helibravo´s headquarters is currently located at the Cascais Municipal Airport in Tires. It has a fleet of 14 helicopters and it is worth noting that it is ranked number 1 in the country with regard to the number of hours flown annually. 

Over the years, Helibravo consolidated its experience and created five more companies in the aeronautical field, Helinorte based at the Vilar de Luz Airport, Helibravo II in Santarem with the chemical weeding, Helibravo Atlantic in Madeira island, Bravojets – Executive jets and Helibravo Aviación with headquarters in Salamanca (Spain).

The company is increasingly emphasizing safety and quality in services provided, betting heavily on its highly qualified personnel, thus strengthening its market share and becoming quite competitive in several areas.

Robinson Helicopter Company´s Exclusive Agent in Portugal